Minor Blues Scale Ebook

Play The Minor Blues Scale In Any Key

Minor Blues Scales Ebook
I you’ve read my article Minor Blues Scale, you should know how to play the minor blues scale box patterns on guitar in the key of E. You should also be aware of the difference between the minor pentatonic scales and the blues guitar scales. Also, you already know about the blue notes, or flat 5th notes.

This free ebook is a handy quick reference guide that shows all the notes and box patterns on guitar fretboard for the minor blues scale in every key including the sharps and flats. It’s not a theory textbook but it will help you to learn the minor blues scales as long as you practice them.

If you need to put together a 12 bar blues riff or solo in a particular key, just click on the button for that key in the ebook and you will see all the notes on the fretboard and all the box patterns, including the ones one octave higher than the root notes and the box patterns below the root notes for the minor blues scale in that key.

This is a Windows based program, sorry Mac users, that should work on any computer that has Windows 95 or above and Internet Explorer 4 or above. Just right click the link below and select save as to download to your computer, unzip and run the file, and follow the instructions to install it on your computer.

 Download Minor Blues Scales Ebook

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