Major Pentatonic Scale Ebook

Play The Major Pentatonic Scale In Any Key

Major Pentatonic Scales Ebook

This ebook is similar to the Minor Pentatonic Scales Ebook except it shows all the notes and all the boxes for the major pentatonic scales in every key.

Again, there’s no theory involved. There’s no talk of tones and half tones or steps and half steps.

The major pentatonic scale seems to be less commonly used or learnt than the minor pentatonics one but still has its uses to good effect, especially when the two scales are used together. Most of the rock guitar or lead guitar courses teach you the minor pentatonic scale from the start and don’t even mention the major scale.

So, if you need to put a solo or riff together in a particular key, this ebook will show you the notes and boxes. It shows all five positions, including the ones an octave above and an octave below the root note. It shows them for the sharp and flat keys as well, such as Bb, Eb, F#, etc.

This is a Windows based program, sorry Mac users, that should work on any computer that has Windows 95 or above and Internet Explorer 4 or above. Just right click the link below and select save as to download to your computer, unzip and run the file, and follow the instructions to install it on your computer.


Download Major Pentatonic Scales Ebook

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