A good first song to learn on guitar?

Can anyone recommend any good songs that would be suitable for a beginner guitar player to learn?
I’ve been learning guitar for a couple of months now, mainly practising short riffs, but would like to learn a full song.
Any suggestions?? (Maybe something in the blues or rock style).


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Answer by M.Alexander
Oasis – Wonderwall

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Guitar Scales Software

Why Learn Guitar Scales?

Guitar Scales SoftwareI’ve covered this in my previous post Why Learn Guitar Scales? but I’ll quickly list the advantages again.

Practicing guitar scales improves:

  • finger strength
  • co-ordination
  • overall technique
  • playing speed
  • ability to improvise and play riffs and solos

How To Practice Guitar Scales

Again, I’ve covered how to practice scales in my Metronome post. Pick a scale you want to practice and set the metronome to a slow speed, say 60 BPM. Once you can play the scale over without any mistakes, increase the speed and do the same again.

Guitar Scales Software

This is different to my previous Ebooks;

This combines all the previous separate Ebooks into one software program. The program has diagrams showing all the notes of the major and minor pentatonic and major and minor blues scales in every key including the sharp and flat keys. It also has diagrams showing each box position for each scale including the boxes an octave lower and higher than the root position. There’s no theory involved, just easy pictures to use to practice your scales.

This is a Microsoft Windows software program and requires at least Windows 2000 to work, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Right Click the link below and select Save As to download the file to your computer. Unzip and run the file and follow the instructions to install it.

Download Guitar Scales Software

Once you’ve installed the software, run it and it should look like the following:

Guitar Scales Software

Click once on one of the icons on the left to select a scale; Minor Pentatonic, Major Pentatonic, Minor Blues, or Major Blues. Double click in the right hand pane to select which key you want.

Guitar Scales Software

Here, I’ve selected the C Minor Blues Scale. The first diagram shows all the notes of the scale. Clicking the tabs towards the top of the screen shows the individual boxes of the scale. In the diagram below, you can see I’ve selected the first box with the root note C at the eighth fret.

Guitar Scales Software


Why Learn Guitar Scales?

How Learning Scales On The Guitar Can Make You A Better Guitar Player

One very basic reason is that practicing guitar scales helps to improve finger strength and co-ordination and your overall technique. Learning guitar scales will also improve your playing speed and help you to improvise and play riffs and solos. Many guitar solos you hear are formed from them.

If you just want to be a rhythm guitarist in a group playing covers of other group’s songs, you probably don’t need to bother with scales. Even if you’re the lead guitarist in the same band, you might get by without learning scales, just learn the songs from tabs.

If you know your scales, when you perform with a group of musicians, and they tell you the song is played in a particular key, you’ll know which notes to play and be able to jam along with them.

If you understand just the standard major and minor scales, you can understand how to form chords, produce melodies, and harmony parts, as well as lead parts and solos, and not hit a note that sounds out of tune. Here’s one tip, there’s no difference between the major scale and the minor scale, they just start at a different position on the neck of the guitar.

A lot of people just starting to learn guitar want to learn rock guitar. The main scale for this is the minor pentatonic scale. Again, the major pentatonic scale is exactly the same but is just played in a different position.

You will find that guitarists that haven’t learnt scales, actually play scales but just don’t realise it. They have picked them up from learning songs. If they had made the decision to learn them, their knowledge and ability would have been so much better.


How To Guitar Solo

Learn How To Create Great Guitar Solos

Many people learning how to play the electric guitar want to learn to solo on guitar. They either want to create their own solos or be able to play the solos of their favourite guitarists.

The first thing to remember is not to run before you can walk. This doesn’t mean it’s going to take ages before you can reach your goal. You just need to slow it down and learn some guitar principles first.

If you want to copy other guitar players solos, the good news is that it’s easy to do. All you need to do is go on the internet and download the tablature to the songs you want to learn to play. Someone else has already done the hard work for you. You just learn how to read guitar tabs and you can learn the songs.

I’ve made that sound a lot easier than it actually is. Some solos are quite tricky to learn. One tip is to break them down into smaller pieces. Work on playing the same phrase at a slow tempo in the beginning and increase speed while improving it until you get it just right before you move onto the next piece. If in increasing speed you start making mistakes, slow it down again until you get it right.

Creating your own solos will need a lot more knowledge. You will need to learn scales, chords, and notes. You should be doing this anyway. Doing this will make the difference between you being an OK guitarist and a good guitarist and will teach you about improvisation.

The pentatonic scales and the different scale positions are usually the ones that are learnt first. From this you will be able to put together guitar licks, riffs, and solos,  and generally be able to improvise.

One common scale that was learnt is the blues scale. It’s only one note different to the pentatonic scale. Many top guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page started out by playing 12 bar blues.

Once you’ve learnt the basics and got past the beginner stage, you can start learning the guitar solo techniques such as bends, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, alternate picking, etc. This will improve your lead guitar playing and your soloing techniques will improve with practice.